Friday, June 27, 2014

Happy Thursday!

Hello! :)

Wow time is just flying by, the days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like days! But I have learned so much! We leave for New Hampshire in 3 days and I am freaking out because I don't feel ready yet but I also am excited to finally get out there! I was really good at writing in my journal the first couple days and then things got more busy and I got more tired so I will try and give you a good run through of my week as best as I can! Let me just say the MTC is not what I thought it would be, its much harder and harder in ways I didn't think it would be. BUT I woudnt be anywhere else. I am working harder then I ever have in my life but I know Heavenly Father is helping me. Alot of missionaries were really stressed an overwhelmed the first couple days to the point of tears and breakdowns and usually that is me. Before the mission I got stressed really easily and would have breakdowns when I got really stressed. Well I will have you know I have only cried once and I cried because I decided to look at my homesick book which has pictures of all the family.  I don't know why I did that because then I cried my self to sleep after that. But what I was trying to say is that I know Heavenly Father is helping me and I have been blessed with patience and faith that I have never had. So the highlights of the week, Sunday me and Sister Reeves were called to be Sister Training Leaders for our Zone! Totally wasnt expecting it but I am grateful for the opportunity. We also had personal interviews with President Washburn on Sunday and he told me that all my teachers and leaders all had good things to say about me and that they were really impressed with my desire to work hard. It was good to here because I know there is stuff I still need to learn and also things I can do better at but that someone recognized that I was trying my best. On Sunday night Janice Kapp Perry came to speak to us at our devotional and it was awesome! Her and her husband are the cutest. The main point of her talk was the ability that music has to bring the spirit. I don't think that was a coincidence that I just happen to be here when she came! She had us sing a medley of primary songs that she had written and that was amazing and then at the end we sang the EFY medley with As Sisters in Zion and The Armys of Helaman and I dont think I have ever felt the spirit so strong in my life!! She made a new version of As Sisters in Zion and it is perfect. But when we were singing I felt like my spirit was just going to burst, I cant even explain it but wow what a neat experience. So there is a seminar going on for new mission presidents so the Quorum of the twelve has been here as well as the first presidency but we haven't really seen them. But D. Todd Christofferson gave a deviotional for us on Tuesday and of course that was amazing too. He spoke on the worth of souls and one thing that he said that I thought was pretty cool is that, "The worth of a soul is its capacity to become like God." Just think about it for a second. I hope it reminds you that no matter what you are awesome because you are a child of God and you can become like him!! I definitely needed to hear that so I hope it helps someone. So things have basically been just study learn and teach since we've been here. Were in class for 8-9 hours a day learning the doctrine, but most importantly how to teach the doctrine. I never really under stood what the doctrine of Christ was which is really sad but now I do. We have been teaching fake investigators but when we teach them it is so real. One of our investigators name is Kitty Zhou from China and she is the sweetest thing! She grew up buddhist and so the first lesson we taught her was so hard and didnt go very well but last night we were able to really help her understand that she is a child of God and that she does have a Heavenly Father who loves and wants her to return back to him. We taught her how to pray and when she understood that she could talk to God and have a relationship with him she was just like in awe. Th spirit was so strong and even though we didn't teach her much it made me so happy to know that I had helped someone simply know that they have a Heavenly Father who loves him. That was so foreign to her and so seeing that made me realize how much I take that knowledge for granted because if you really think about it it is really cool. Well I dont have much time but all in all my testimony is growing and I am growing as a person. My faith has been strengthened in my Heavenly Father, his son Jesus Christ and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that the only way to really be happy is through the gospel of Jesus Christ and through the gospel of Jesus Christ we can truly be forgiven of our sins and be able to live with God again. I am grateful for that knowledge and cant wait to finally get to share it with the people in New Hampshire in 3 short days! I love you all so much! Remember, Heavenly Father loves you :)

Sister Innes

PS Still havent figured the whole picture thing out! :(

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