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Never going home!!!! September 1st, 2014

Family and Friends!

Wowwyy! So I never really understood why missionaries don't want to go home but now I do and I'm never coming home! I'll tell you why :)

Last week we had 3 investigators at church! My heart was very happy on Sunday. :)

Monday we got a car to use while ours is getting fixed! Its finally getting fixed and it will probably be in the shop longer then expected because the week before somebody backed in to our driver side door while we were parked and they drove off without leaving anything so we have no idea who hit us! When I got here they said that I was bound to get in at least one accident on my mission so I think I have had my fair share so hopefully I'll be good for the rest of the mish! haha 

Tuesday we did some service at the historical center which is a couple miles down route 1 from where we live so we rode the trolley! They have a trolley system that runs from June to September for all the tourists because we are in tourist city! Mom and dad you will love coming to visit here :) But what an adventure it took us an hour and a half to get to the historical society! But it was sooo fun! We walked to the closest stop by our apartment and waited for the trolley and it didn't come after 10 minutes of waiting so we continued walking on the other side of the road. By the time we had walked what felt like a mile the trolley comes driving down the road and passes us. Heavenly Father was testing my patience for sure. So we stopped at the next stop and waited until the next one came and we FINALLY got there! We talked to some pretty cool people though and now I laugh but at the time I wasn't very happy. 

Wednesday we had some amazing lessons! We went to district meeting and then afterwards we went to the nearby library and studied. Well while we were there we happened to see a brother from the ward with his 8 year old son who is slightly autistic. He is such a fun boy though and super smart. We felt like we should share a message with them so we taught what we could of the restoration before they had to leave. But while we were teaching I was talking to him about prophets and he stopped me and said, "I'm just so excited to see you I could cry!" And then I wanted to cry! We have talked to this boy maybe 2 times but he is just so close to the spirit that he could just feel it when we taught him. Something I'll never forget :) So our new investigator, Angie, is such a doll! She is a little slow so we have met with her probably about 3 times and I think she finally understands. It is definitely helping me to be more simple in my teaching which has been very good. She is so eager to do what we tell her and she has started reading the Book of Mormon.We almost met with Brother Preney and he is just soaking it all in! He has some word of wisdom issues to work through but its nothing he can't do without the Lord. :) We met with Grace a couple times this week and we were just feeling very uneasy about her being baptized in a couple after some major praying and pondering we decided we should wait on baptism but didn't know quite why. turns out she wasn't being too honest with us and she is still smoking. BUT she is still making amazing changes. We have used Alma 34: 15-17 alot this week. It really explains how we have to repent in order to receive mercy. Heavenly Father is a just God and he want so badly to be merciful which is why he sent his son. It would be dumb for us to not repent! I hate having to be bold and telling people what they are doing wrong especially Grace because I love her so much! But Heavenly Father gave us the ability to be bold and loving and help her see that we truly are here to help her and that she can make these changes. So please continue to pray for Grace. :)

Thursday we had a MIRACLE! We went back and visited Anne and she hadn't read the B of M...but I felt very strongly that we were going to teach her the restoration and I had told Sister Aeschbacher we needed to. So we were kind of disappointed she hadn't read..but then we ended up teaching her the restoration and we will teach her again this week! I am so happy for her, she is so amazing and I feel like she is truly prepared.

Friday we visited a sweet LA in the ward that we have really come to love.. She has been through some hard hard things in her life and somehow she manages to have a smile on her face. Her husband is a big man and he used to be a very grumpy and mean man she said but he has been nicer since the beginning of the summer due to an injury that has really been humbling him. She said tat before me and sister Aeschbacher he hated the missionaries and wouldn't be anywhere near them but he has actually talked and sat down with us a couple times. I have sang to them a couple times and its amazing to see how it softens his heart as well. We feel he is truly being humbled and prepared and hope we can start teaching him soon :)

Saturday we taught Tim, our other newest investigator! He had read to 1 Nephi 3 since the first time we'd taught him...that rarely happens! I was so excited I wanted to scream but I contained myself. We taught him the restoration and committed him to come to church...
Well guess who came to church on Sunday?
Angie, Tim, and Brother Preney ALL came to church! I don't think I have ever felt so much joy in my life! As Grace would say, "My heart was too big for my body!" And that's why I am never coming home. Getting to see people make changes and keep commitments that you know are truly going to bring them happiness in their life is a feeling unlike anything else. I love being a missionary! Yes I have hard days and yes sometimes I want to cry but its all worth it. I am a much different Sister Innes then I was 2 months ago and for that I am so grateful! 

Love you all sooooo much!
Love, Sister Innes

Sister Kotter and the beach(below)

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