Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy Monday!!


Wow I really feel like I was just writing an email yesterday! Time just flew this week. Well today it is super humid and my hair is just a lovely mess today. Its really great. But it has been raining so the temperature is pretty nice! Wow, I just still can't believe I'm a missionary. Sometimes I am in shock and I will just sit there and stare at my name tag. Ok I don't really have time for that but I did do that once this week for a couple seconds. I'M A MISSIONARY AND I LOVE IT. :)

Monday we got to go to the beach but sadly it was super foggy but it was still fun! The beach is exactly a mile from the main road where we live in Wells. So we parked our car and walked down the road to the beach for about 20 minutes and then walked back. The beach is really different from any beach I have been to. Lots of rocks, but so pretty! 
Tuesday we had appointments scheduled with Grace and then with a member for dinner but all our plans fell through so we ended up helping a member in the ward paint one of her nonmember friend's apartment. The lady was probably in her 60's and her and her husband are moving to an apartment that is one story because her husband is dying of cancer. She told us of how he is such an amazing man and is always doing service but he hasn't been able to do anything because of the cancer. We painted for about 4 hours and she was so grateful. I was able to talk to her about how little Brocky had cancer and told her that our family was able to get through it because of the gospel and the knowledge that it was in God's hand and that if something did happen we knew that we would see sweet Brock again. Gratefully that little superhero is still with us :) It was cool to be abel to relate with her though and hopefully plant a seed. Afterwards, Sister Combs took us to get some mexican food. It was no where near La Casita but it made me feel a little closer to home!
Wednesday was Zone Conference. Wow, President Stoker is an amazing man. Did I already say that? Well he is. It was my first zone conference and man it was so great. The conference was focused on chapter 1 in Preach My Gospel which talks all about our purpose as missionaries. We talked about being consecrated missionaries. He mentioned that as missionaries we are living the highest law of consecration as we literally give our lives to serving Heavenly Father and building His kingdom. We also studied indepth 2 Nephi 31. The chapter talks all about the doctrine of Christ. Such an amazing chapter. My favorite verse is verse 20. It says we must press forward feasting on the word of Christ.  He asked us what came to mind when we thought of "pressing forward". When I think of that I think of the Savior as he carried the cross to be crucified. How he pressed forward out of pure love. PURE LOVE for his brothers and sisters and most importantly His father in heaven. It makes me think of my life and how I can more fully utilize that sacrifice in my life. How my struggles and difficulties are so small compared to what he went through. A man gave a talk in church and he said, " We can either choose to live like Christ or suffer like Christ." If anything I am learning how to more fully use the atonement in my life! I also got to sing and play "Savior Redeemer of My Soul" with an elder in my district at the beginning of the afternoon meeting and then President asked us to do it again at the end. The spirit was so strong and I really could feel Heavenly Father helping me to be able to bring the spirit into the meeting. Such a cool experience.
Thursday we taught Grace the law of tithing. It was my first time teaching it and it was an easy one to teach but it's so hard. Grace has fibromialga and she is classified as disabled so she doesn't work and she has a little income. So at first she was asking if she could take tithing out after she paid her bills and we had to explain to her that it came out before anything else and she was really worried about being able to do it. But as we explained to her that Heavenly Father would bless her and that she would be able to have what she needed the spirit testified to her that it was true and her heart was softened and she willing accepted to pay tithing! Even though she is still worried about it her faith in Jesus Christ is so strong and I know she will be blessed for choosing to live the commandment!
My time is short so I will skip to Saturday! We got the privilege of being a part of an activity in the stake in celebration of the pioneers. It was called "A Step Back in Time" and it was so cool! We had like a little village built and there were a bunch of different buildings that depicted different things like, gardening, sewing, livestock, washing, and record keeping which is what we got to help with. The deseret news is doing a story on it so be on the lookout! It was such an amazing day. Me and Sister Aeschbacher were on our feet from 9 Am to 5 PM. The event lasted from 9-2 and we walked around most of the time and talked to people who were mostly nonmembers. We had about 1700 people come. It was a long day but definitely one to remember! I truly am grateful for the sacrifice of the pioneers and am humbled by the things they endured because of their faith in the gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that today we have our own struggles and know that as we put our faith in Jesus Christ and his gospel we truly will be able to say that "All is Well!" I got to sing "Come, Come Ye Saints to a couple people we visited and every time I got to sing it my gratitude became stronger for the pioneers but alsof or the knowledge of a Savior who is always there to help me through this life, because it is hard but it will be worth it!! 
I got the letters from the reunion and they sure made me smile. I love my family, you all are awesome! Thanks for being who you are.
 I am overwhelmed by the strength Heavenly Father has given me to fulfill this calling I have. There are still so many things I can do better at and so many things I am working on but as I have faith I can see how he truly is helping me. 
Life is a gift, don't waste a breath on something that isn't going to matter when we get to heaven.
Love you all!

Sister Innes

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