Sunday, August 10, 2014

Miracles - August 4,2014

Hello people!

Wow what a week it has been! So many miracles. I have learned alot this week. 

I forgot to tell you, on Sunday Sister Harlow came to church! She was the less active that I met the second night I was in the field. It was so exciting to see her there. Made my heart happy :)
Tuesday we did exchanges with the Sister Training leaders for our zone so I went to Exeter, NH which is about an hour from where we live. I forgot to take a picture but I got to serve with Sister Sowards for the day. She has about a month left so it was awesome to talk about things and gain some more insight on missionary life! We started off our day by doing some service. We picked weeds for 2 whole hours. Dad you should be proud. I was smiling while I was doing it. Really hard to picture I know ;) We also got to teach a recent convert who is in her 90's. Such a sweet lady! Then we taught their investigators Rich and Rick. They are two friends that live in the same apartment complex. I learned a great lesson about not judging a book by its cover. They both looked like they had had a scary life and when we walked into their apartment it reeked of smoke and alcohol. But when we started teaching them it was amazing. We read Alma 36 together about the joy that comes after you repent and humble yourself. I had the prompting to sing "How Great Thou Art". And Heavenly Father just made an amazing analogy come out of my mouth as I bore my testimony after singing: "We are all sinking boats and we've all got hole or sins that keep us from floating. No one hole is bigger than the other because they all make us sink or take us farther away from Heavenly Father. Jesus Christ is the only one that can cover up those holes and make us float again. Without his grace we would be at the bottom of the ocean. He has already sunk to the bottom of the ocean, he's already gone through that pain so you don't have to! Let him cover your holes and make you float again." The spirit was so strong and I hope that Rich and Rick will eventually be baptized. I guess they have been investigating for quite a while.
I have no time at all but I will have to tell you about our miracles we had this weekend next week! 
I have been humbled this week as Heavenly Father has placed some amazing people in our path. I am trying to be more selfless and truly forget myself in this work. I LOVE YOU ALL!

Sister Innes

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