Monday, August 31, 2015

Bangor is the name! <3 8/31/15

Hello lovely people! :) how is everyone?!

I am doing greeaaat! I got transferred to Bangor, ME this week and I just absolutely love it. The people here are amazing! I am serving as a sister training leader again which is probably my favorite calling. We are over 6 sets of sisters which was a little daunting at first but I love it because it gives me very little room to worry about myself. I go to bed just exhausted every night but I WOULDN'T HAVE IT ANY OTHER WAY!!

My daughter, Sister Hallam, has flown the coop. It was so bittersweet to leave her but I am so excited for her. I think I kind of had a little glimpse of what it will be like to be a parent! I wanted to cry but I had to be strong for her, I know she will do great. Mom and dad I now understand why you cried when I left for college and my mission. :)

My new companion, Sister Eddington, is just an angel. I am so grateful to be with her! I am just overwhelmed by love from everyone. Sister Eddington, the Bangor Ward, and Heavenly Father. I know that He puts people in our lives exactly when we need them...and I just feel that so much right now. I know this is exactly where I am supposed to be!

Yesterday at church, I was asked to bear my testimony in church and introduce myself. Everyone keeps asking me how old I am lately, as if I'm too young to be a missionary, so I assured them I was in fact 21 and old enough to be a missionary! But I was just praying that Heavenly Father would help me to know what to say, and as I stood up I was just overwhelmed with complete love. Love from Heavenly Father, love for this ward, and the love I could feel they had for me even though I barely know them! The Bangor ward loves their missionaries, and I am so grateful for the missionaries who came before me who left such a great legacy. I hope I can feel their shoes! But also, I really felt a sincere love for my Savior as I stood up there, He is who has gotten me this far, I could not have done it without Him. He is my rock. I love him!

What has been on my mind this week is Mosiah 18:8-10. When we are baptized we enter into a covenant to, "bear one another’s burdens, that they may be light and to "mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort!" What a task that can be at times. But I have really come to feel what that means here in Bangor. The people here are so willing to just help and lift and love their brothers and sisters! I am trying to be better at that and keep my covenants so I can better help others keep their covenants. We are in a real war with Satan and Sin, we must stand together and not against each other! I challenge you to pray to Heavenly Father and tell him that you are available to help his children in any way He may need you to,and when the promptings come, because they will, follow them! I promise you will feel more happiness and peace come into your life as you focus more on others and less on yourself. :) I 'm so grateful for all of you and your amazing examples to me and serving me, loving me, and supporting me through it all!

Sure love you!!! :)

Love, Sister Innes


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