Monday, August 3, 2015

Hello! 8/3/15

Hello Family!

This week has been really great. I don't have much time so I will just give you some highlights!! 

Brother Ishihara texted us this week after coming to church wondering how he could join the church and what the process was with doing that. We informed him that when he gets baptized he will be the newest member! That was a bright spot in the day. But then we taught him an actual lesson on the gospel of Jesus Christ and Baptism and it was so awesome! It was amazing how the spirit testified to him that when he is baptized his sins will truly be washed away and he literally will have a new start! Its exaclty what he wants and he says he feels that it is all true...he has a sincere desire to change his life and he knows and has already seen how joining the church will help him to do that. So amazing!

We also stopped by a woman house who's a member but her husband is not. They live off the coast close to a private beach. Well, she took us on an adventure to see the beach and it is just beautiful! It is covered with rocks which are actually huge pieces of petrified wood. So we decided to sit down and we sang "For The Beauty of The Earth" to her and the spirit was just so strong! I  said to myself, "I love being a missionary" and I do. I love it here! I'm never coming home. But, I am so grateful for the beautiful creations God has given us. My favorite is the ocean though I think:) I always feel so close to my heavenly home when I'm there.

We ataught Lisa about the Book of Mormon and the importance of it in coming to know the truth. As we bore testimony of its truthfulness she said, I just love the light in your eyes! She felt the spirit and I felt it too. My testimony was once again reconfirmed of the truthfulness of the book. It truly is from God. When I come upon questions or things that I don't quite understand, I remember my testimony of the Book of Mormon and know that it is all true. Lisa still has a ways to go but she is getting there. She said she has always been drawn to the church and she is going to do what she needs to to find the truth! And the Lord only gives us answers if we truly desire to know and do all we can to find them!

We went on exchanges this week and I went with Sister Kimball! She is just so enthusiastic and excited to be a missionary and I really learned alot from her! I have really loved the song, "Come, Come Ye Saints and the example of the pioneers who were happy no matter what circumstances they were in. "Come, Come ye saints, no toil, no labor fear! But with joy wend your way!" I am trying to acquire this attitude and it isn't always easy but I've realized happiness is a choice and the gospel is what gives us true happiness! I love being a servant of the Lord and I will be forever! There is nothing better!

I love you all :) Have a great week!!

Sister Innes

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