Friday, October 30, 2015

Humbled. 10/27/2015

( Sister Innes wrote a day late on Tuesday. )

Hello familia!

How is everyone doing?! Sorry for the late email. We had interviews with President Stoker! I love that man, It was well worth waiting a day for my preparation day.

Well, my time is short today but I just wanted to really just express my gratitude for my mission. This week I have done alot of reflecting on how much I have learned so far on my mission. Me and President were talking about how when I came out I was so shy...but now I can talk to anyone! Its a miracle really. I have come to know how much my Heavenly Father truly loves not just me..but every single person on this Earth! He is so loving. Even when I continue to make mistakes, he is so patient and kind. 

This week we had some cool miracles. One being, Sister Jeffrey coming to church! I was so happy :) she said that she loves it and wants to continue coming! 

I'm so sorry I have little time, but I truly have just felt the happiness that comes from forgetting about yourself and serving others. Nothing better! I will write more next week, I promise.

I hope you all have a great week! I love you!

Love, Sister Innes

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