Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Sweet sweet Miracles! 10/5/2015

Hello family and friends!!

This week we saw some more great miracles :)

Tuesday we had some things scheduled but it all fell through and we were so low on miles but we felt we should stop by a referral we had received who we hadn't been able to find home...well we still couldnt find her home. So, we prayed and felt we should tract her street. Well we weren't having any luck until we came to this trailer that, honestly, gave me the heebee geebees and I was hesitant but Sister Eddington just walked right up and knocked on the door. Out comes this guy...and I instantly judged him (I'm still human but we are working on it) but as we got talking to him I could feel my love for him growing and it was the weirdest thing, I forgot I had prayed for charity that morning, but Heavenly Father helped me to see him as He did and I felt this desire to just give him everything I had!... but it was a little too early for that so we shared the #Becauseofhim video and the spirit was strong! Well the man agreed to have us back...it was a sweet little miracle and I just wanted time to stop. We also found another man who agreed to have us back too!

Tuesday night we planned for our day and we had a really great day
planned  but when Wednesday came around everything had fallen through again and it was POURING! So, we felt we should try visiting a woman we hadn't met yet ...but it turns out she is nonexistent... Well, we kept getting this prompting that we should visit a potential investigator who lived really close. When we got there she immediately let us in out of the rain and she happened to have two friends over too! They let us sit down on their couch and we got to know all of them and their different beliefs...well one thing turned into the next and we were sharing the Book of Mormon with them!! She is so intelligent. As we explained the background of the Book she said that totally makes sense because of.....(insert really intelligent comment that I can't remember) But It was amazing to see the little lightbulb go on in her head and how the spirit worked in each of them and gave them the desire to have us back! We are going back tonight, so stay tuned :) 

Thursday I got to go on exchanges with Sister Craig! Surprise!  Everything fell through except for our lesson with Sister Becky. What an amazing person she is! I just have so much love for her, its unreal. We had planned to teach about the atonement but felt we should read through 3 Nephi 11 with her. As we got to the verses where Jesus Christ arrives I asked my favorite question, "How do you think it would feel to be there?" Her response was kind of like mine, "Amazing and horrifying all at the same time." But as we kept talking I felt prompted to share a sweet experience I had with my Savior.- I was studying another chapter in 3 Nephi when he blesses the children and heals the sick. As I was pondering I had this sweet image of Jesus standing in front of me with His arms open wide beckoning me to come.. and as I came he enveloped me in his arms...And as I stood there is His arms I felt complete peace and love....and for a second everything was ok. As I shared this with her the spirit was so thick! I felt His love once again. We discussed that all the simple things we are told to do (church, prayer, reading) help us to come to know our Savior and strengthen that relationship with Him. After all, that is all that really matters. She agreed to come to church and I am just so happy for her :)

Among other miracles, we were prompted to stop by some who were mourning a death of a loved one, humans and cats... But what I learned this week is that sometimes it seems that all is lost and we don't really know what to do, but I found that sometimes Heavenly Father has something else planned. As we listen and follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost he will lead us to greater things and we will see miracles!! 

I wish I had more time but I will share my thoughts on conference next week! It was like Christmas to say the least :) I loved it all! I hope you enjoyed it too. Send me what you liked the most!

I love you all, have a great week and share the gospel! <3

Love, Sister Innes

Fun week!

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