Monday, December 14, 2015



How is everyone doing?? Well it has been a very good/crazy week!  I love the simplicity of life here in Vermont. The people are just great. And it hasn't snowed yet! (knock on wood) Its the weirdest thing!

Sister Petersen and I have been doing a lot of driving (on muddy roads) this week trying to find people who will listen to us! And let me tell you...there is nothing like Vermont dirt roads. They are THE BESTTTT!  Especially in a Chevy Cruze...I am confident that if I tried driving these roads not being a missionary that I would be dead by now. We've got angels on our side!

Well, these past two weeks here have been so different from the rest of my mission! Sister Petersen and I spend the majority of our time at the Joseph Smith Memorial. I absolutely love it here. The weekdays are pretty slow but this weekend we had quite a bit of people come visit. I am still learning how to be a visitors center missionary. We have been counselled to basically just teach the restoration as we give people tours. So, you would think I would know how to do it! Its much different though then sitting down with someone one on one and teaching a lesson. And me and Sister Petersen are allowed to split up if we have to, so on top of doing these new tours I am doing them alone!! Haha A little out of my comfort zone but that's what makes us grow right? ;) We have been showing videos for the #asaviorisborn initiative though and that has been really neat!

We had a mother and her young son come in. I showed the videos to her and she really loved the second one about what the world would be like if we didn't have a Savior. I just love that video, it really touched my heart. My heart has been so full this past week with just gratitude for the birth of Jesus Christ. Please watch the videos here if you haven't:
After I showed them the videos her son was asking alot of questions so I thought them the restoration. While we were talking I asked her if she attended church and she said she used to but she hadn't in a while due to some health problems her son was having that made her embarrassed to take him to church. The spirit prompted me to tell her about how we are all together for sacrament meeting including the babies so her son would fit right in. She really loved that. As I taught her the spirit was so strong and my testimony, once again was confirmed of the reality of the Restoration...well She asked where she could go to church after the tour! And she took a Book of Mormon :) I'm so grateful for the help of the spirit. I could not do it without it. Before we went home that night I witnessed my companion receive a priesthood blessing and it was so powerful to see that be done on this sacred property. The next day she still wasn't feeling too well and we had to go to the JSM late and my spirit just longed to be there. We only missed an hour but...I just am so eternally grateful to be here. I want to just soak in every minute! I am grateful to Heavenly Father for allowing me to spend Christmas here. What a special place!

As for teaching me and Sister Petersen are not currently teaching anyone...we are on the hunt for a family and praying to find one we can teach! Any prayers would be appreciated :) I am so grateful to be apart of this sacred work. I know that this is the Church of Jesus Christ! He is the reason for the season. <3

Have a beautiful week! I love you all :)

Sister Innes

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