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Miracles Have Not Ceased 11/17/14


Have I got alot to tell you! Man, this week has been awesome.

Ok I'm just going to get right in to the nitty gritty. :)

So Monday night we had no set plans so we had some plans to contact a potential investigator and then tract her street. Oh, btw the sun sets here at 4:30 PM ;) So we are tracting at 6:30 and it feels like its already 10:30. So we knock on this potentials door and she lets us right in! We taught her the Restoration and she agreed to have us come back! So Wednesday rolls around and when we got to her house she had made cookies for us and beanies! This woman has a 2 year old boy and she is a single mom and somehow she found the time to do that for us. I was speechless...and then she asked if we could maybe read the B of M together..are you kidding me? So we shared our favorite verses and then gave her a good intro of the book. And she said she would read it and pray about it! :) So we will see her again on Wednesday!

Tuesday night we visited a 16 year old girl whose mom just recently got baptized! She agreed to be taught and so we decided we would start off with the Plan of Salvation due to her needs at this time. Shes got some hard trials in her life and so we testified to her of the Saviors sacrifice and love for her. We also taught her about prayer on Thursday and she said she would pray! Before we taught her she said that she didn't like talking to God, she said He was up there and she was down here and that's how she wanted it to stay. But by the end of the lesson she knew she needed to pray. It was amazing to see the spirit working on her. We talked to her mom and she said that she can already see a change in her. She still has a long ways to go but oh, how I love her so much already! 

Thursday we did splits and I went visiting teaching with an awesome lady in the ward, Sister Wagner and we visit taught Sister Jackson and her family. We were talking about some things that were happening in their life that were really hard for them as parents and Brother Jackson said something that has really stuck with me this week. He said, "Do all that you can and not be attached to the outcome. Have faith in Heavenly Father and know that it will all work out the way it should!" How I needed to hear that. As a missionary it gets so easy sometimes to just want what you know should happen and when it doesn't happen its sooo hard! So I have been trying to focus on doing my best and then having faith in the results and knowing it will work out how it should!

Friday we went to go see a woman who we don't see at church much because of health issues and so we went and read the Book of Mormon with her. We read 1st Nephi 1 & 2 and something in chapter 2 really stood out to me this time. So Lehi has seen this vision and is commanded to preach to the people in Jerusalem of there wickedness and tell them to repent. When he does this he is almost killed. And then he is commanded to leave all of his belongings, his gold, his inheritance, and take his family and depart into the wilderness. So they travel for THREE days in the wilderness and then set up camp and you know what Lehi does he immediately offers up a sacrifice in showing Heavenly Father gratitude! So here he has almost lost his life and then left pretty much left his whole life and he is praising and thanking God! I was just really touched by Lehi's faith and how he knew that what he had been asked to do was of God and it in the end was going to be the best for him. And he was grateful even though it probably wasn't easy for him! So after we saw her we decided to stop by another member we hadn't see in a while and we caught her home and shared a message and then as we are getting ready to leave her friend comes. I asked her if she maybe know of anyone that could use a message from us and she points to her friend and says Maggie could! So we asked Maggie if we could stop by this week and she said yes! Ahh! :)

Saturday we had planned to visit a former investigator who was taught about a year ago but the missionaries stopped teaching her because they just couldn't get ahold of her. So we stopped by her house and she agreed to let us come in. We taught her the Restoration and the spirit was so strong!! As I recited the first vision to her I got choked up, thats a first for me, and we invited her to be baptized and after a VERY long pause, which me and Sister Olsen managed to not say anything in, she said she would like to be baptized! So we are super excited to see her again this week :)

Sunday, Bishop Crouse surprised me and asked me to introduce myself and bear my testimony. Oh how I love to bear my testimony! I have already grown to love the Waterville ward even though its only been 2 weeks. I will have been out 5 months tomorrow! Time is just flying. This week as I prayed with the most sincerity I have ever prayed with I saw miracles right before my eyes. I know that if we have faith that we will be able to accomplish those things are Heavenly Father has in store for us. 

Keep on keepin' on! Love you all so much <3

Sister Innes

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