Monday, December 1, 2014

Snow!! 12/01/14


How are my people? Guess who got to drive in a snow storm this week?? THIS SISTER! Yep, I don't know how much snow we actually got but it was around 1 ft! The snow is so beautiful though. I actually kind of like it...weird, I know! So needless to say it was an interesting week. 

Our Stake is doing an event called "The Creche" this weekend where they will have all different sorts of Nativity scenes displayed and then they are doing a musical production as well as a musical program. Stake President, President Martin, asked me to be apart of the musical program and I will be singing three songs! I am so excited and humbled for the I have been trying to fit in practice time when I can. I'll be singing O holy Night, O Come o Come Emmanuel, and Hark The Herald Angels Sing! It was really neat because the day before i had asked Heavenly Father to help me discover my strengths as a missionary and then find ways to better strengthen them and share them...and that day I was prompted to sing "How Great Thou Art" for a recent convert and it really touched her. And as we left her place I realized how much I had been hiding my talent since I had been in Waterville and I wasn't trying to share it like I did in Sanford. But, as soon as I shared it Heavenly Father immediately the next day gave me another opportunity to share it more! It's amazing what He will do with us if we only show him that we are available and willing. So I have made it a goal focus on my strengths and let Heavenly Father use me for His purposes and not my own selfish desires. 

It snowed on Wednesday and you bet your life we were out there tracting! We had plans to stop by one of our investigators who we haven't seen in a couple weeks and she wasn't you know what we did. We went door knocking! It's amazing what a positive attitude can do. I actually enjoyed tracting in the snow! Yep, you heard it. And then the miracle came. the last door we knocked on we actually got the door opened but the man was home alone so we couldn't go in. But, we briefly explained the restoration to him and he agreed to have us come back and bring him a Book of Mormon. So fingers crossed we will see him soon!

We only Saw Liz once this week because of Thanksgiving and all that good stuff..Black Friday...everything I forgot about. But when we did it was awesome. The change in her is incredible...physically, emotionally, and spiritually! Oh how I love her so. She told us as we were talking that she has also seen a change in herself...she said, "All I needed was Jesus." Boom! Please pray for Liz. :)

We spent Thanksgiving at the Jackson's house and it was so delicious! They are such an awesome family. I actually didn't stuff myself because that morning I wasn't feeling too hot. The thought of food was sickening...hard to believe I know. I got a blessing because I was just feeling exhausted spiritually, physically, and emotionally...and in my blessing I was reminded of the atonement three times. Three times I tell you...I think Heavenly Father wanted me to know something. That morning I just couldn't understand why I was feeling so horrible and it was really discouraging to me...But Heavenly Father was trying to teach me a lesson. And it was lesson learned indeed. I need the enabling power of the atonement. I need the redeeming power of the atonement. Like Liz I needed Jesus and I just wasn't letting him help me. I'm really stubborn sometimes (wonder who I get that from) and Heavenly Father has really been humbling me lately. I am being refined... And even though I can't see the change that is really taking place within me it is there and I am always changing. 

Last night we met with a women who hasn't been to church in a while...and she just lost her job. She told us that if she didn't get a job real soon her house would foreclose in January. My heart ached for her! We have been practicing the lessons on her and last night we taught her the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And we really emphasized the "enduring to the end" the spirit worked through me I asked her what we could do to help her get to church..and I preceded to promise her that Heavenly Father would bless her and help her as she strived to make church a priority in her life. I had no idea where it came from because it was very bold! But she took it with we drove home I was just overwhelmed by how easy and how hard the gospel is. If we do what Heavenly Father has asked us to do we will be blessed...its that simple! But oh so hard at the same time. But I know that if we do what He has asked we will be blessed temporally and eternally. He never goes back on His word. NEVER!

Checkout the "He is the Gift" video on if you haven't! Share it with everyone you know! We have these sweet pass along cards that the church has asked us to pass out to 10 people a day. Wooo! It's so awesome to talk to people about Jesus Christ during this season. I think Christmas is going to be my favorite as a missionary. Discover the gift. Embrace the Gift. SHARE the Gift! 

Well enough rambling from me...I love each and every one of you so much. I hope you have a great week!

Sister Innes

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