Sunday, December 28, 2014

Miracles. Snow. Miracles. Snow. 12/15/14

Hola familia! 

What a week it has been. I know I always say that but really. WHAT A WEEK. Also, the sun is shining today. Needless to say, its a great day! 

This week I realized how much the Lord has been trying to humble me...and boy I still have a long way to go but He definitely has humbled me and through that I have been more reliant on him. As I have tried to truly seek his counsel on everything I did this week I watched miracles unfold before my eyes.

So Monday we met with an investigator that we hadn't seen in a while. We were trying to figure out what she needed and this member kept coming to my mind so we decided to call her. It ended up being perfect for her and she came with us. Well turns out the member went through the same things our investigator is going through and the spirit was so strong as the member opened up and shared with her her personal experience. At the end we were all crying and the investigator was able to open up to us.  

Tuesday we met with Liz and it seemed that she didn't really get anything from our lesson. So after the lesson I was just kind of disappointed because the lesson hadn't gone anything like we planned. Well we met with her again on Thursday and that morning I asked Heavenly Father what she could we make things better this time? He told me we needed to share with her John 10:16 and 3 Nephi 15:21 where it basically explains the B of M and Bible go together. So we get to Liz's and the first question she asks.."So do you guys ever use the bible?"...and then me and Sister Olsen looked at each other..are you kidding me?! So we were able to share that with her and it was exactly what she needed.

Friday we had an hour to contact and we kept feeling that we should go see a lady in the ward, turns out she wasn't home. So we keep going and contact a few more potentials but I just couldn't figure out why Heavenly Father had prompted us to go to that lady's house if she wasn't home. And as we are walking to our car from the last potentials house there was this women walking up the street. And the spirit whispered, "There she is Sister Innes, talk to her!" So I spoke up and asked her if she would be interested in hearing a message about Jesus Christ...and she said yes!! Boom. God works in His own way and in His own time.

Oh, and Sister Olsen will be staying here with me in Waterville for another transfer so thats a miracle in itself! I love her so much and have learned so many things from her already!

Well, I love you all! I hope you are find ways to #sharethegift this season. I am so grateful for our Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the gift!

Sister Innes

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