Monday, December 1, 2014

GRATITUDE 11/24/14

Hello family and friends!!

Holy wow this week has gone by sooo quick! This week I have been reminded of how blessed I am to be on a mission. I am so grateful! 

Well just some highlights and lessons learned this week:

Tuesday we met with Liz, the 16 year old girl we just started teaching and we taught her the restoration. The Spirit was SO strong as we extended a baptismal invitation and she accepted! :) We brought along a member in the ward who's in the young women's presidency and it turns out she got baptized when she was around Liz's age and was able to bear a powerful testimony of how the gospel has changed her life. It's awesome to see the change that has already taken place in this girl. She also informed us that she has been praying and because of it she has noticed more peace in her life. AMEN. So then Thursday we met with her and helped her understand the Book of Mormon more and committed her to read it and come to church. Guess who came to church...LIZ!! :) The ward welcomed her so well and we could tell she felt comfortable by the 3rd hour. The members here are so awesome!

So I upgraded from scooping cat poop to scooping horse poop. Yep, you better believe it! And I even learned a lesson while doing it this week. So we do about 6 horse stalls and we just rake the poop into a pile and then scoop it in to a wheel barrow and haul it to be dumped. Well we were trying to put alot of poop in the wheel barrow at one time so that we wouldn't have to make as many trips to dump it and Sheila, the lady we were helping told us to make the loads smaller and to "make it easy on yourself." So here I am raking poop in the freezing cold with literally 4 layers of clothing on and then it hits me. "Make it easy on yourself Sister Innes! How can I make it easy on myself?" And I realized that lately I had been trying to haul too much "poop" all by myself and I wasn't really leaning on my Savior. I was actually making it very hard for myself. So, if you get anything out of my email today I would like you to look and see if you are making things easy or hard on myself. Are you letting Jesus Christ help you with the load? 

Our car was making really weird and annoying noises so we decided to get get it looked at and it turns out our front breaks were nonexistent. Yep, we could have died. The spirit had been telling me we needed to do something about it but I kept ignoring it because no time. But I'm glad I finally did, how grateful I am that we already got it fixed within two days! The church takes care of us so well. 

I also was reading in 2 Nephi 5 this week and in verse 27 Nephi says: "And it came to pass that we lived after the manner of happiness." I thought about Laman and Lemuel who had the same blessings available to them as Nephi and they were anything but happy with their lives. What was the difference? Laman and Lemuel had never prayed to know the will and mind of the Lord and had no desire to follow him. Nephi did ALL he could to follow the Lord and because of that he was happy. I know that if we pray to know the will of the Lord that he will show it to us and give us the means to do what he has commanded us to do and by doing that we can find happiness!! 

I am so grateful for the people Heavenly Father puts in our lives and the experiences we have to help us grow, learn and BECOME. Every day is a new opportunity to change and be better. I am eternally grateful for this time in my life to grow. I love being a missionary! 

Happy Thanksgiving! I am so grateful for each one of you and love you sooo much!

Love, Sister Innes

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