Monday, December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!! 12/29/14

Dear people that I love,

This week has been one that I will cherish forever! Christmas+ Being a missionary=THE

Monday we visited our investigator Sister Evans. She is so awesome. She has a two year old boy and she is trying to support her and him so she is very busy working! So because of that its hard for her to always keep commitments. But when we got there she informed us that she had read 2 chapters in the Book of Mormon. Made this missionary's day I tell you!!! And she was able to tell us everything that she had read. BOOM. So now she is progressing which is AWESOME and then...

Tuesday we saw Liz and she had kept her commitment to read the Book of Mormon too! She didn't quite understand everything she read but she read and thats better than nothing. So we were able to go over 1 Nephi 1 with her and help her understand it. After we read 1 Nephi 1:1 she was already touched. We explained that even though Nephi was highly favored of God he still had his own trials which shows that we all have trials. And she just really loved that. 

We also went back and taught our new investigator, Darcy, the Restoration. The spirit was so strong once we actually got to the first vision. Satan always tries to keep that part from happening EVERYTIME. He tried three times with Darcy and on the last time another church literally called her phone right in the middle of it. But like I said the spirit was there when we actually got through it. She still has alot of her own beliefs but she agreed to have us come back so yahooo!! 

Well, I can't fail to mention Christmas. The Waterville ward is awesome I tell you. Their ability to show love is incredible...they just showered us with love and I am so overwhelmed with gratitude. Christmas Eve as I knelt down to say our companion prayer my heart was just bursting with gratitude for my life right now. The reality of my opportunity to be a missionary and testify and represent my Savior just hit me so hard. I am grateful for the memories I made this week in Waterville, ME. I am grateful to be a missionary!!!

We found a new investigator this week...and the circumstances in which we met with her were pretty much God-given. Heavenly Father is so aware of His children. Turns out she was having a really hard day because it happened to be the 1 year anniverary of her husbands death. And as we testified to her that the message we have to share with her will bring her peace the spirit was so strong! So she invited us back this week...:)

Our mission has a new vision to rescue 1000 people this year and I am so excited! We have already seen miracles happening in the ward. 

Well my time is short.. but as we approach this new year I pray that we can all have a stronger commitment to be disciples of Jesus Christ.. To do and say those things he would want us to do. I know that as we do that people will see a difference and miracles will happen. Don't be afraid to testify! 

I love you all so much! The Savior lives and loves you personally!

Love, Sister Innes

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