Monday, January 5, 2015

It's Bittuh cold! 1/5/15

Hi peeps! 

Happy New Yeeuh! (Thats Mainer talk for Happy New Year!) I've got the language down finally. Here's the trick...switch r's for uh's and uh's for r's. It's amazing! ;)

My news years consisted of missionary coordination at our ward mission leader's house with supper...and then me and Sister Olsen made new year's resolutions (missionary style) and then we went to bed at 12:35 AM one of the ladies in the ward that we visit texted us "Happy New Year" and I woke up, looked at it, said, "Happy New Year!" to myself then went back to bed. Best new years ever! :)
This week was so many miracles it's hard for me to write all of them. First miracle: Liz is getting baptized!!!! She has accepted to be baptized on February 14th and I am so excited for her. We read through 3 Nephi 11 and the spirit was so strong...I felt my heart might explode. I was praying and praying the spirit would change her heart and help her to see why she needed to be baptized...and it did. We still have some things we need to work out and alot we need to do but we are on the right path! Yay!

Last Sunday we visited a couple in the ward who haven't been to church in a while but oh how I love them so! ...we have been visiting them for about a month and a half and we weren't too sure where they stood with the church but we kept visiting. So about 2 weeks ago..the wife asked us for help and told us they felt like they had something missing and they wanted help getting back to church. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? My heart was leaping for joy! So last Sunday we took an awesome couple from the ward with us and it was amazing...the spirit was so strong...they felt loved and understood and had alot of questions answered. Heavenly Father is so aware of His children, it just blows my mind! 

Saturday there was a man baptized into the ward that was being taught by the elders and he was baptized by another man who was actually just recently baptized within the last couple months. It was Brother Madison's first time baptizing anyone so it took a couple times for him to get it right before the baptism was complete. As I was watching this the spirit whispered to me..."He is doing his best." So I shook his hand afterwards and complimented him and he said, "I did my best!" And I said, "That's all that maters right!"... And I have just really been pondering that experience ever since. This week I have felt an overwhelming amount of Heavenly Father's love for me. And I was assured that he sees my efforts and he knows that I am trying my best....and that's all He asks. A smart fellow once told me, "Do your best, Don't stress. Leave God with the rest!"

Yesterday was probably my favorite fast Sunday of my life...I went into it sincere with specific people and questions in mind and the whole 3 hours of church I was just spiritually fed. Heavenly Father gave me answers I didn't even know I needed...he gave me feelings and love I didn't know I needed. One miracle I have already seen from fasting...last night we had dinner at the house of a member's parent who is not a member. I had fasted that day that I might know how to help them in their we ate dinner with them and I wanted to share something but didn't know what..then the spirit prompted me to sing. So I explained that I wanted to show my gratitude for dinner by singing them a song and they accepted! Well I hadn't sung in 2 weeks because I've had a little cold and haven't been able to sing too I was just praying that everything would come out ok and that the spirit would be there. Miracle from heaven! My voice came back and the spirit was so strong. I was so faith was strengthened in fasting and what an honest fast can do! I know that I will continue to see miracles from it. 

Well my time is up....but I love you all. I hope that something I have said has helped you in some way. I hope you all have a fabulous week! 


Sister Innes

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