Monday, January 26, 2015


Hola family and friends!

Well word just came in that we are supposed to get 3 feet of snow tomorrow with 60 mph winds and expected power outages! So pray that I don't freeze to death here in Waterville, ME!! haha

Also, Sister Olsen is leaving me...and I'm just a bit sad. I have really come to love her and count her as one of my close friends! She has taught me so much about service and selflessness. She is always looking for ways to help others and never thinking of herself...I have really come to love her awkward comments that always make awkward situations suddenly not awkward anymore haha. She tells really bad jokes, can't count, or give directions, but I love her anyways. Waterville will miss her so much! I know that Heavenly Father will use her how He intends and I know that my next companion will be just what I need and most importantly what this area needs!

Well just a few of the miracles that happened this week:
Monday, we met with the inactive man and his wife I mentioned last week and it went so well. We taught the Restoration and the spirit was so strong and his wife was asking all sorts of questions....after we got through with the lesson we got talking and he told us that he had been praying and reading the scriptures and planning on coming back and then we knocked on his door. Well after we met with him he met with the bishop and came to church yesterday!! 

We also started teaching a new man who has lots of potential. We found him on Tuesday and then went back on Wednesday and he agreed for us to come back :) He was really impressed with how much knowledge we had and what we were doing.

Well, I'm sorry this is a lame one today. Me and Sister Olsen have come down with Ebola and are planning on going back to bed after this.

The church is true and the book is blue!!!

In case I end up dying of Ebola or hypothermia, I love you all!!!

Sister Innes

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