Monday, January 19, 2015

Feels like summuh!!!!! 1/19/2015

Hello people of Normalville!

The temperature is currently in the 40's today, it feels like summer!! ( I know, I never thought I would say that) And I am wearing pants. It is a glorious day to say the least :) 

Well this week flewww! The weeks seem to be getting shorter..and I don't like it!! 

Last Saturday we had an awesome we were trying to contact this Less-active in the ward and we couldn't remember his apartment number..we thought it might be maybe #2 or #8 so we decided to just knock on #1- #8! Well we had no luck until door 7..this man opened the door and said, "Come in" and me and Sister Olsen look at eachother like, "what?" I hesitantly said, "Is there a woman home?" and he replied "Oh yeah, I forgot about that rule." And in my mind I'm just like, "who is this guy?" So Sister Olsen asked if he has been taught by the missionaries before, and he said "Oh no, I'm a member I've been inactive for a couple years. So we proceeded to ask if he was the man we were looking for and he wasn't. He just moved to that apt 2 weeks ago and the ward had no idea...well he allowed us to come back on Monday and share a message with him and his wife who isn't a member and they are just, so awesome! He wants to come back to church and she said she would like to learn more! His wife was like, "I like these girls!" So we will be going back tonight :) She was surprised that we were actually normal people haha. I think we are going to become good friends! MIRACLES ARE REAL.

Well Tuesday was Zone Conference! It was all centered around chapter 4 in Preach My Gospel which is all about the the spirit :) Our mission vision this year has alot to do with working with the ward to get "1000 Rescues in 2015". President Stoker felt prompted to emphasize obedience as well which was a good reminder for me! Obedience is not only crucial as missionaries but as Children of God. When we are obedient then Heavenly Father can bless us temporally...but most importantly spiritually. Obedience is a form of faith..As we trust and obey then we are blessed! I know it and I feel it so strongly.

 I have felt a little overwhelmed with being senior companion and making sure that we are being exactly can be stressful sometimes. But As Zone Conference was ending I was just overwhelmed with all of the things I needed to work on and I was just praying for Heavenly Father to help me feel comforted and not so overwhelmed...And then after it ended Sister Keown, who I was in the MTC with me, came up to me and just asked me how I was doing as Senior Companion. She told me she was having a hard time and I told her that it had been hard for me too...and she told me she was prompted to tell me of an answer she had received. And she said, "You are where you are so that you can learn the things that Heavenly Father would have you learn." We were both just standing there crying haha. But I felt Heavenly Father's love through her...and I know that what she told me is so true...we are all each where we are supposed to be. If we hold on faithful we will be stronger and learn what HE would have us know!

Probably one of the highlights of my week was seeing Lizmary on WEdnesday! We had dinner with her and her mom and then we tried to have a lesson but the whole time we just ended up talking about her baptism. We resolved conflicts and questions! The first thing she told us was that she had been praying and she had been reading!!! The best words ever. She then proceeded to tell us that she "needed this poop in her life" and I said why did you call it poop? She was like well it's better than saying the other word...haha so I said yes ok than just say "poop"! The change that has taken place within her is INCREDIBLE. She ask so many questions...she told us that when we first started meeting with her she believed it was all too good to be true. But now she knows its true and what she needs! She is preparing to be baptize in February with her little sister :)

Well I wish I had more time to write but I've gotta go! 

Love you all to the moon and back!!

Love, Sister Innes

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