Monday, May 18, 2015

Angels!!! 5/18/2015

Dear Family and Friends,

It's been an amazing week, Heavenly Father has taught me so much this week. Did I tell you that I love being a missionary? Lately I have been filled with so much gratitude to be where I'm at. Never in my life will I have this opportunity again to give my all to Heavenly Father. I have felt His love and I have felt true happiness... I just want everyone to know!!

I had a cool experience this week. I was studying the plan of Salvation pamphlet, specifically premortal life. In the pamphlet it says, " Satan, one of God’s spirit children, rebelled against Heavenly Father and did not accept His plan. He wanted to force us all to do his will. Sadly, many of Heavenly Father’s children chose to follow Satan. Satan and his followers were sent away from God’s presence and were not allowed to be born on earth. They continue to exist as spirits. They are miserable, and they want you to be miserable. They tempt you and all God’s children to do things that bring unhappiness and that are not pleasing to God." As I was pondering this I was thinking about that fact that there are spirits on this earth...some of them are Satan's followers but not all of them. And the though came to my mind, "If Satan and his followers can have influence on you then so can angels." And as I sat there I could feel the veil become very thin. I felt a spirit in the room but I could not figure out who it was. It was a sweet spirit though. A good one....I continued to ponder about this experience until we met with Sandy a couple days later. As we were teaching her I felt prompted to share my experience with her. And with tears in her eyes she told me that her deceased father had visited her the other day. And it hit me that he was the spirit in my room that day!....after that lesson me and Sister Upton were talking about all that had happened and we realized that Sandy's father probably hadn't had his work done and Sandy would be the one to get his work done. And the spirit testified to my soul that is was true! He was watching over us and I believe he is still watching over Sandy to help her get baptized but also so he can get baptized. My testimony is that angels really are among us! Not only do they watch over us but they may need us to do something for them. Heavenly Father wants us all home. Missionary work on both sides of the veil is so important!

Sorry this is short. But, now is the time for us to prepare...things are going to get much worse before they get better. I have felt so much urgency this week...listen to the prophets, stand for whats right, be obedient, read your scriptures, pray deeply, and love unconditionally! Heavenly Father is more aware of us then we know. He loves me and he loves you! 

Have a great day :)

Love, Sister Innes

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