Monday, April 27, 2015

Sweet Miracles!!! 4/27/15

Hello!! :)

How is everyone doing? Well, this week has been an interesting one. One of growth and learning, I must say, but when is it not? ;) 

Well Sister May went home on Tuesday! Oh, how I miss that girl. My new companion, Sister Upton, is just awesome though! We have already seen some great miracles this week.

Well transfer meeting got postponed because the new missionaries coming in had their flight delayed so transfer meeting was on Wednesday! I had to go down to Manchester with Sister May on Tuesday though so I got to spend half of Tuesday working with Sister Merrell and Sister Erickson in Manchester! :) We visited a sweet lady in their ward who was having some struggles and the Bishop, Bishop Dickson came with us. The man is so awesome!  I was able to sing for this was cool to see how the spirit worked on her. After we talked she was so much happier and more hopeful. Afterwards, Bishop Dickson asked for my name so he could call President Stoker and have him send me to Manchester ,ha! Which I wouldn't mind :)

Wednesday when we got back to Montpelier after a crazy drive home we met with Sister Simpson and her daughter, January. They are both so awesome. We have mainly been working with January this time we went through the Restoration with her. When we were teaching her I could tell something was bothering her so we got farther along and we got talking about Heavenly Father answering our prayers, and she confessed she didn't know if He was even there. With tears in her eyes she told us how hard things were for her wiht being a teenager and not feeling loved.  Sister Upton bore a sweet testimony of God's love, the spirit was so strong in that home!! And I was reminded of Heavenly Father's love for me. He loves us. Sometimes Satan does all he can to make us forget that.

We also met with Sister Lolax on Wednesday and we also went through the Restoration with her. She still has questions about authority and knowing that the church truly is the one and only true church of Jesus Christ. We committed her to read and pray every night so that she might get her answer and she said she would! Then on Thursday we met with her again, we go on these cool walks with her every week and we will have a lesson while we're walking. It is the BEST! So anyways we are walking and talking about a recent convert and baptism. I was then prompted to asked her why she hadn't been baptized yet..she has been taught for about a year now! She said that she didn't feel like she would get an we talked about prayer and how we can show our faith by praying, reading, and going to church. And that is how we will receive our answer! The spirit was there as we spoke and Sister Lolax is committed to get her answer.

Friday we got to meet with Sandy! We read through Joshua 1, and talked specifically about verse 9. We then discussed the story of the women taken in Adultery. Sandy has guilt for things shes done and doesn't feel like she can be forgiven. But the spirit was able to touch her heart and she is changing! We committed her to come to church, and she said she would. In the past her fear has gotten the best of her and she hasn't come but she came to church on Sunday!! Oh my heart. We had a regional broadcast stake conference and Elder Andersen and Robert D Hales spoke to us. When the broadcast was over Sandy was so sad she didn't want it to be over. And then she said, "I think I'm ready to be baptized!" The change that has taken place in her heart is amazing to see. Oh how I love her!

So many miracles, not enough time! The Lord is truly blessing us here. Although this has probably been one of the rougher weeks of my mission I would not have it any other way. The Lord is shaping me and making me into the person He wants me to be as I am trying to give my heart to Him and be faithful. All He asks is our best, He loves us. 

Joshua 1:9 "Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest."

Love you all!!

Love, Sister Innes

Also, I keep forgetting to tell you that Emily Mckinley got baptized on April 9th!! :) And I got to see her at transfer meeting :)

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