Monday, October 27, 2014

Heavenly Father trusts us. /October 20, 2014

Hello familia!

I have no idear (mainer talk) what is up with the weather here, one day its rainy and the next day is sunny and warm. But, anyways its still been a pretty good week!

This week has been very different. We had planned and scheduled to see all of our investigators and all of them fell through except for two that we had with Brother Ness. Let me just talk about Brother Ness. He is so prepared! We have been really trying to get him to pray and come to church. He finally prayed for the first time this week and said that night he actually slept better than he usually does. He has trouble with big crowds so we are still working on the who church thing. He knows its what he needs to do and said he will get there. We assured him that baby steps are just fine right now. He is trying to read the B of M which is huge though for someone who has no religious background! He just takes everything in and is so receptive to everything we teach him. He is probably the most sincere person I've ever taught! 

Saturday I was feeling really discouraged due to a number of things and we needed to finish weekly planning and I just could not do it. I know I sound pathetic..I just have this love/hate relationship with weekly planning. So we start planning and we get talking about Brother Ness and decided we needed to see him on Sunday and then decided to call a couple in the ward to come with us. So we got it all set up and they were able to come with us. The lesson was so perfect! Brother Ness needed them there that night. He really connected with Brother Paquin, the husband and is actually going through alot of the same things he was when he joined the church. After the lesson was over Brother Paquin asked me why we had asked them to come with us and I said, "It was Heavenly Father!" and he looked at Brother Ness and said, "You see Brother Ness?" It definitely was a miracle. So awesome! Brother Ness was crying as Sister Paquin testified to him about the blessings of baptism and the spirit really touched him. He is solid!

I'm grateful for that experience because my confidence was strengthened and Heavenly Father was able to show me that He does trust me even when I don't feel worthy of it. He does trust us to make the right choices but will help us when we don't feel confident in those choices sometimes. My heart if full with the love he has for me. I have been able to kind of look back on the person I was before my mission and the person I am now...and if anything I have been able to realize what is really important in life. I have also come to have greater confidence in myself by having a greater knowledge of the love my Heavenly Father has for me as I am able to feel His love for his Children as I serve them here in New England.

Well, I'm sorry this is so short but I hope you all have a great week! I love you oh so much.

Sister Innes

This picture was taken off the coast of Maine in Kennebunk, ME only a couple miles from our new apartment that we will be moving in to on November 1st! I told Sister Blume that I literally felt like I was in Heaven standing by the water. Once again another tender mercy from Heavenly Father when I really needed it. It is so gorgeous out here!!!!

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