Monday, October 13, 2014

I love General Conference!/Oct 6, '14


What a week it has been :)

Let me just say that conference rocked my face off!! I don't think I have ever loved General Conference so much in my life. The fact that we have prophets who speak to us today and hold the same power as those in the times of the Bible and  B of M was so real to me this weekend. We are so blessed, this gospel is the truest thing I've come to know and it is led by a man of God who is instructed by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to do and say those things that will be most beneficial for us in returning back to him! I am excited to go back and study the talks in depth. There was so much I needed and loved that It's hard for me to even say which one was my favorite. This weekend felt like Christmas to say the least. 

We had goals and plans to see each of our investigators this week and all of them fell threw...but it was still a week of miracles so I will share a few!

Tuesday we spent the day in Wells where we live which is actually 20 minutes from Sanford. We cover 5 different towns in our area: A part of Sanford, Wells. Kennebunk, North Berwick, and Lyman. So we try to spend atleast a whole day in each town depending on things we have scheduled during the week. So Tuesday we were in Wells and it just so happens we have no investigators in Wells. They are all in Sanford, specifically the part of Sanford that is the elders area..So we are trying to find investigators that are in our actual area! That has been our focus this week. Tuesday did alot of contacting in Wells but no one wanted to hear what we had to say. 

Wednesday we we had plans to go to Sanford and see all our investigators but one by one they all fell through...and at first I was sad but then it was okay because we got to contact some awesome LAs. We rocked this week in visiting LA and even got a couple to watch conference which was awesome! We have this really awesome lady who we are teaching, she came in contact with the church when her son started coming to the scout troop at the church in Sanford, and she is really seeking to know if this church is right for her. It has been tricky trying to get in contact with her but we got to talk to her for like 10 minutes after scouts on Wednesday night and she told us after they left the church last week her son said, " When I come to the church I feel like my heart is wrapped in a warm blanket!"..are you kidding me? I said, "Well there's your answer!"  And she said she asked her sister if she wanted to come with her when she became a mormon! SO we are really trying to pin her down and get a lesson with her this week, she is so solid it just takes time as does all things. :)

Thursday we spent most of the day doing service at this cute assisted-living center in Kennebunk as well as trying to contact people on the street. We also taught a recent-convert lesson to a sweet lady who was just baptized this year. She deals with a husband who doesn't really agree with her involvement in church and it breaks my heart to hear how he criticizes her beliefs. And the only thing she wants is a eternal made me realize how blessed I truly am. I pray everyone can have the same blessings I enjoy but nonetheless, we all have different challenges. It all works out some day though and she will have an eternal family! Anyways, so we had about 30 minutes before we needed to head home and we weren't sure where to go because we'd already walked up and down the street we'd planned to contact on so we went down a road and knocked on a couple doors and then a cute cafe caught my eye (of course it was the baked goods) and so I walked in and Sister Blume just followed me...and we walk up to the counter and the girl looks at our name tags and then got super excited! Which was really weird because every person before her that we had talked to wanted nothing to do with us. Turns out she has been studying all different kinds of religions but hasn't found the one she wants yet and she said she'd heard of her church but had never really been taught much about it so..we gave her a book of mormon and restoration pamphlet and explained to her the restoration in a very short time which is actually really hard but Heavenly Father helped us say what she needed to hear and it was so evident that we were supposed to meet her and share what we had with her. Unfortunately she is 15 and her parents our Atheist so we can't teach her or even contact her but I know we planted a very good seed! Such a miracle! (sorry for the run-on sentences:/)

Friday, we finally for the first time on my mission got through weekly planning! That was miracle in itself. Then we headed to North Berwick to try and contact a referral and we did and have a return appointment tomorrow! And we also were able to contact 2 LA that we never really see and one fed us dinner and the other wants to feed us dinner that was really cool. But a miracle I experienced was really cool..we were driving to North Berwick and I don't drive so I'm usually the one that makes all the phone calls. So one of our investigators who is also 15 and has atheist parents called us and we haven't spoke to him in a long time because he hasn't told his parents that he wants to meet with us so we can't..but we still keep in contact with him. Anyways he calls us and I had no idea what I was going to say to him and I literally have no idear (mainer talk) what I said but I know that Heavenly Father once again worked through me to say exactly what he needed to hear. After I hung up I was literally exhausted spiritually and physically. It was such a COOL experience. I know Heavenly Father is mindful of each and everyone of his children and he works through us to accomplish what needs to be done to help his children. 

I have a testimony of this gospel, I know it is the only way to happiness and peace in this life and the life after. I know that by following the commandments God has given us and striving to be like our Savior that we can be with our Heavenly Father again. Take time to do the important things in life and you will always be safe (read,study and pray) I love you all so much! 

Sister Innes

Pic 1. They have Taco Bell in New England!!
Pic 2. Our view when exercising in the morning!
Pic 3. You never know what you're going to find in New England ;)
Pic 4. Mine and Sister Blume's first picture together! WE just took it because we're horrible :)

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