Monday, October 13, 2014

The ups and downs of being a missionary/Oct 13, '14

Hello my beautiful people of real life!


What a week it has been!

Tuesday we had exchanges again and I got to go to Exeter with Sister Kotter, I just love her so much. I hope to stay in touch with her at BYU! We didn't have anything too exciting, but we did get to contacting in a neighboring town, Newport, which is so cute. Nobody wanted to hear what we had to say but the scenery was beautiful and I got some great advice from Sister Kotter so all in all it was a great day!

Wednesday was a rollercoaster.We had district meeting in Somersworth and while there we got a text from our ward mission leader telling us he needed to speak with us that night about a "very important issue concerning our future in the Sanford ward".. and so of course my mind goes to every possible thing I may have done wrong and I though of every possible outcome. So.. I'm sitting in district meeting try to concentrate on the amazing lesson we were having but I couldn't! Turns out we are....moving to Kennebunk! It's been in the works for a couple weeks and bishop has received inspiration that we need to be in Kennebunk to help build up the area there. So yay! I am really excited, Kennebunk is an awesome town and we had some really awesome members there as well. is the only town with the name Kennebunk in the U.S. :)  Anyways, Wednesday we had plans to see Angie, Becky and Brother Preney but we couldn't get in contact with anyone and due to the exchange the day before nothing was set up. So we couldn't see Angie and Becky but we decided to stop by Brother Preney's and his fiance Sister Farrell since we hadn't been able to see them for a couple weeks because they were sick. So we stopped by and they were home and let us in..and gratefully they were feeling better! But then..they proceeded to tell us they didn't want us to keep meeting with them. And my heart just broke! They said they didn't think they could and didn't want to make changes in their life that were required for Brother Preney to get baptized. And after just bearing my testimony to them and  pouring out my heart with love to them we left....and then the tears came. I have never felt that way in my life! I have grown to love them so much and I know that they can change and I know how...but they have their agency. So then I'm wondering what Heavenly Father has up his sleeves...the day had turned out to be really sad. So we tried stopping by a LA that I had never met because we couldn't ever find her home when Sister Aeschbacher was here. Well we found her home and come to find out, she had prayed for us to visit her two nights before. What?? It was crazy to see how the Lord had truly shaped our day to where we were led to her house. The Lord is mindful of each and everyone of His children! 

Thursday we went to Kennebunk and tried to contact referrals, LA, and potentials but had little luck although we got some good invitations to learn on the beach :)

Friday, we met with a referral from an awesome member in the ward and her name is Sister Kimball. She is so prepared! She has agreed to keep meeting with us and be baptized if she comes to know the gospel is true! Miracles I tell you and it doesn't stop there. :)

Saturday we met wit a referral who actually referred himself from The guy is solid! We brought Bishop Shaw with us and the lesson was so awesome and the spirit very strong. Brother Ness has no religious background but due to life he knows that this is what he needs! He accepted the invitation to be baptized on December 27th! He is so cool, he listens to MoTab and is on all the time asking us for things to watch. He will be 60 on his baptismal day and he is so prepared. Me and Sister Blume have been praying and working hard to try and find new investigators and they sure came in ways we didn't think were possible! I am so grateful to be a missionary and for the ups and downs that make me stronger and help me learn and grow!

This gospel is the truest thing I've come to know! I love y'all and hope your week is a great one! 

Love, Sister Innes

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